Jaguar Mokumanium Ring-for both men and women-dark grey pattern


  • Herring Bone Mokumanium Ring-clues from a tyre patterns
  • H&M red cracked stone and golden ring
  • hot pink woman's elegant and hot shining ring
  • 'I Love You' temporary silver pearl ring
  • Imitation Jewelry Fashion Silver perforated woman bracelet
  • incroyables and marvellous fruit colourful crystal earrings by Dior
  • Indian style woman's golden earrings -feathers and pendants
  • Infinity Flat details-woman mokumanium simple circle
  • interlocking golden ring-trust,faith,believe
  • Ivory and black woman's circlet-hearts and diamonds
  • Jaguar Mokumanium Ring-for both men and women-dark grey pattern
  • Jet black Crystal Fashionable Ring
  • jewellery indian gold-lion and leopard heads-small red crystals
  • Jewelry-gentle beautiful golden necklace with nice earrings fitting the chaplet
  • jewelry suitable for summer days-green artificial necklace and pendants
  • Jewelry with dark blue and light blue stones-dropping down pendants
  • jewelry with green emerald stones-silver crystals and white ones
  • Juicy Couture extravagant woman bangles with stones,diamonds and crystals
  • Juicy Couture - R-Stone Flower Cluster Ring
  • Kentucky Coffee Burl bright green titanium silver ring
  • Key Cocktail golden woman ring

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